Light Meals



Egg and Cress

Cucumber and cream cheese

£4.30 each

Cheese and Tomato

Cheese and Onion

Cheese and Pickle 

Ham and Mustard 

£4.50 each

Cheese and Ham

£4.70 each

Coronation Chicken

Tuna Mayo and Sweetcorn

Prawn Mayo    

Salmon and cream cheese

£5.00 Each



Cooked back bacon 

Cooked Cumberland Sausage

£3.00 each 

Light Bites


Homemade Sausage,Bacon & Mustard Pie.

Served with side salad and Pickle 


Large Homemade Sausage Roll 



 Toasted Tea Cake or Crumpet


Cheese Scone


 Two slices of Toast 


Two Poached Eggs on Toast

Beans on Toast

Toasted Muffin with two poached eggs


    £3.90 each

Light Bites


Light Bites


Cheese on Toast 


Homemade Soup of the day

£4.50 Each

 Panini made with pesto,

mozzarella & sun-dried tomato


 Genuine Cornish Pasty or

 Melton Mowbray

Pork Pie

served with side salad 

 £4.00 Each